Band & Strings

NOTE: We are awaiting further information about the Band and String programs for 2021/2022. Below is information from pre-COVID years.


Wilkinson is fortunate to be granted a string and band program by the Toronto District School board. However, due to a limited number of instruments in the board, the band and string programs are limited to approximately 15 students each. These programs are taught by itinerant music teachers, and are held during class time, twice a week, for approximately 30-45 minutes each time. This means that students who are in these wonderful programs miss class time, and must be responsible enough to keep up with their lessons and classwork in spite of this. 

The programs alternate each year. For example, this year, the grade 5s will be offered beginning band, and the following year, those same students are expected to continue on with band when they are in grade 6. Meanwhile, last year's grade 5 students were offered strings, so this year, those string students who are now in grade 6 will continue with the string program. This means that when students sign up for band or strings, they are expected to make a two year commitment.

Band - 2023/2024 - Grade 5  (Beginning Band)

Day 5 - 2:30-3:30 (to be confirmed)

Although we have not yet been assigned a band teacher, we have been told that we will be allocated one. This year, grade 5 students will be offered the opportunity to join band. Probably in late September or early October, the band teacher will come around to the grade 5 classes and hand out forms to students who express an interest in joining band. If more than 15 students apply to be in band, students will be chosen by lottery.

Strings - 2023/2024 - Grade 6  (2nd Year Strings)

Days 2 & 5 - 2:30-3:15 (to be confirmed)

Mr. Bouts is the string teacher. Last year, the grade 5 students were offered the opportunity to sign up for strings. This year, those students will carry on with the string program in grade 6.